About Us

Since its formation in 1991, GRASSROOTS has built a solid reputation as an organisation which can be relied upon to engage with, and respond to, the various issues which pose a threat to community cohesion and inter faith relationships in Luton’s widely diverse context. Our commitment to on-the-ground presence and building of relationships with key leaders and members of Luton’s cultural and religious communities has resulted in a high level of public trust, extending beyond the locale.

GRASSROOTS maintains a global perspective, deliberately engaging with communities who hail from all around the world, enabling sensitivity to the political and social situations overseas that can have a huge impact on Luton’s peoples and the town’s inter-communal relationships. While possessing a combined wealth of experience, the GRASSROOTS team does not claim to hold the solutions to the issues affecting Luton’s diverse population. Instead, we work to empower Luton’s faith and cultural communities to articulate and implement their own positive responses to emerging situations in the town, and to engage with the contributions made by others. 

GRASSROOTS seeks to recognise, encourage, share and cascade examples of goodwill and good practice within and between Luton’s diverse communities. Currently, most of our trustees come from different Christian denominations, but serve through personal choice, rather than representing any particular denomination or group.

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Our Vision

GRASSROOTS seeks to engage in God’s mission by discerning the Spirit and living the Word of God in the plural world of today, being motivated and nourished by the spirit of justice and peace.

GRASSROOTS, alongside communities and individuals of all faiths and backgrounds, is working for common good and human flourishing, building renewed trust in place of broken relationships, fostering the development of new skills by providing resources for learning enabling all to explore and express their spirituality and values with confidence and creativity. 


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Our Objectives

To accompany the Churches in their mission and ministry

To work for strengthening relations amongst different faiths

To empower communities to articulate their own needs and solutions

To serve the community through supporting community initiatives & advancing educational development

To engage with the building of a civil society in Luton and its vicinity 


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Our Values

Vision - that is global and inclusive - bringing new insights and perspectives 

Hope - that the forces of good can triumph over the forces of evil

Faith - that the Spirit is at work transforming the world

Respect - for every person, and their ability to give and receive

Freedom - for individuals & communities to develop their full potential 

Solidarity - in our commitment to share in the struggle for justice