Get Involved

You can get involved in many ways by becoming a friend of Grassroots, which will allow us to continue, develop and grow the vital work we are carrying out in Luton. As a small charity our aims, ethos and identity are grounded in working sustainably at the 'grassroots' level. Therefore, the support of committed friends, who have captured and shared our vision, is invaluable to us.

Financial Support:

Grassroots is like many other small charitable organisations – it never has enough resources to meet its opportunities! If you would like to support any particular aspect of the work or send a general donation, please become a Friend of GRASSROOTS and enable this important work to continue. You can find out more about this and how to make donations here.  

If you are an online shopper, you can even support us without spending a penny! Just create an account at Give As You Live, click on their link to your usual store (e.g. Amazon, Traidcraft, ASDA, Tesco etc), and they will in turn make small donations to GRASSROOTS. Amazing! (Over 4000 stores are eligible through this website, and you can look at the ethical rating of different stores online at if you wish to know more about the ethics of high street and online retailers). 

Prayer Support:

For team members, trustees, participants and volunteers of Grassroots; for our partner organisations Luton Council of Faiths, Ghar se Ghar, and New Creations; for all churches and faith communities in Luton; for peace and prosperity in Luton; and for the local authority and all the elected and appointed officials.

Volunteer Support:

If you have skills for any of the following areas and would like to support us on any one or more identified needs as a volunteer, please do get in touch with us:

  • Developing Business Plans in line with the mission and vision of Grassroots
  • Develop Financial (Budget) Forecasts and Funding Strategies
  • Develop new ideas for work projects
  • Daily administration and PR
  • Enthusiasm for the Fairtrade cause
  • Volunteering for specific events/projects 


Some of our activities may be relevant to your local situation. You may already be involved in similar activities. We would be delighted to hear of your experiences and perhaps find ways of linking with you. Please feel free to write to us and let us know.


If you would like to sign up for the newsletter (to receive either by post or by email) please email Our newsletters are quarterly, are sent out via email and also made available on our website. If however you would like some to be posted to you then please contact us and let us know! You can read our previous newsletters and other downloadable resources here.

Visit us or Invite us:

You are welcome to visit Grassroots and meet the team or invite us to come to you to give a talk on our work. This can be arranged by agreeing suitable dates in advance. This can be an opportunity to share experiences, to reflect on your own situation in the light of our work and experiences, to explore new ideas and to engage with the key issues for your church and society.