The last two weeks have been jam-packed with Fairtrade events and activities in schools, workplaces, community organisations, places of worship and businesses across the UK. 

Luton’s Fairtrade celebrations have been highlighted by an extra special achievement: the launch of Luton’s first Fairtrade School, St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Junior School.  Special guests including Chair of Luton in Harmony Pastor Lloyd Denny, Methodist Superintendent Julie Bradshaw, vice-chairs and representatives from Luton Council of Faiths, stalwart Catholic Fairtrade volunteers such as Maureen Borbone, Sr. Maire Hayes and Lee and Andrea, attended the launch assembly on Friday 28th February.

 Pupils from Year 6 led the show, giving a star stopping performance demonstrating how, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr "Before you finished your breakfast this morning, you'll have relied on half the world."  The children reminded all how Fairtrade is a way to love our neighbour, one of the most important commandments in all Christian teaching as well as in other faiths too. The play ended with a celebratory song and dance, headlined by a pupil dancing in a Fairtrade banana suit. 

St Joseph’s has worked tirelessly over the past few years to support Fairtrade, working closely with Fairtrade Luton group.  Pupils enjoyed a visit from Fairtrade banana producer, Tookie, from the Windward Isles, presented Fairtrade at Luton Peace Walk, held Fairtrade fayres, tuck shops and information days, visited Sainsbury's supermarket as well as learning about Fairtrade in their lessons and assemblies.


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