We are enjoying a very busy Fairtrade Fortnight 2014.  This year's theme is Stick with Foncho, and the fortnight has been packed with various activities in the community of Luton.

Members of Fairtrade Luton & Grassroots delivered a role play at Madinah Holiday Camp.  The camp, run by Islamic Home Tuition - a local community organisation providing teaching and events for children and adults, with over 100 children taking part.  Children found out about healthy eating and ethical foods, as well as learning more about their religion and moral living through songs, crafts, drumming and stories.

The Fairtrade role play was about a banana producer in Ghana.  Shouts of “don’t do it!” were cried by the captive audience as “bad business man” forced the price down with no hope of breaking even for the producer.  The children were delighted when a fair price was paid under Fairtrade terms.  Stickers were handed out and children signed a petition to make bananas fair with the stick with Foncho campaign for this Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 (24th Feb-9th March).

Petition signed by children at Camp Madinah

Petition signed by children at Camp Madinah

To find out more about Fairtrade Fortnight, please visit http://foncho.fairtrade.org.uk/

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