In the recent months, it has been very challenging as extremism and hate ideologies have resulted in terror attacks on the worshipers at two Mosques in New Zealand, then on Church worshipers in Sri Lanka. We were yet to recover from these attacks and there’s been yet another attack, this time on a synagogue in San Diego, California.

Any attack on a place of worship is attack on all. This is a reminder of the need to condemn extremist violence in the strongest terms and to continue to work together with even greater urgency against ignorance, prejudice and hatred.

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Hatred targeting any community because of its faith and belief is a scourge that mustn’t be and cannot be tolerated.

As Luton Council of Faiths, we extend our condolences to the affected families and individuals. At such a time of tribulation, one can feel weak, vulnerable and fall in despair. Our message to our Jewish friends is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We stand together with you in sharing our collective shock, grief and pain following such a hate filled anti-Semitic crime.

Together, we must strengthen our resolve to continue working together for peace and unity in our world.

In solidarity with the Jewish communities in Luton, Bedfordshire and beyond.


You can download this statement here.

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