On Tuesday 29th March 2016, the URC Church in Potters Bar hosted a dialogue about Islam. GRASSROOTS facilitated the event by inviting young leader Amjid Hussain from Luton Central Mosque as the main speaker, supported by Ryad Khodabocus from Luton Council of Faiths.

The event dispelled a lot of myths about Islam whilst also focusing on humanity and brother/sisterhood. The main frustration that was raised was why good Muslims are not vocal enough about ISIS. However, it was explained that much is and has happened, to the extent that a Fatwa (Islamic Ruling) by mainstream Muslim scholars has been issued condemning ISIS but sadly this does not get much media attention.

It was also noted that many Muslims are the victims of terror attacks across the world. One needs to know that a billion people (1/6) of this planet follow the Islamic faith and traditions and people are still co-existing. They key outcome identified was to continue working at a grassroots level, connecting hearts in a plural society while the Muslim community continues its on going struggles alongside others for a more peaceful and just society.

AuthorGrassroots Luton