It has been such a privilege for the Luton Fairtrade Steering Group to have had the opportunity to work with and alongside Sue Bentley as one of our many enthusiastic and leading members. Now Sue is moving on in life, leaving life in Harpenden to settle up north in Scotland. 

A Fairtrade Gift Hamper was presented to Sue Bentley in the presence of Alex Mayer, MEP (Member of European Parliament), at a recent Fairtrade School Assembly which was co-led by Sue, Ryad Khodabocus and Sr Maire Hayes, during this year's Fairtrade Fortnight at St Margaret of Scotland Primary School, Luton.


It was an honour for us that Sue has since been to drop into the GRASSROOTS office for a chat and to handover a bag-full of Fairtrade Footballs and a lovely THANK YOU CARD!

For and on behalf of us all, we send our best wishes to Sue and her family for their future plans and are sure we all unanimously agree on this statement of fact that - WE WILL MISS HER BADLY.

THANK YOU Sue, for being part of us all and THANK YOU for bringing in your contributions, your energy, your passion to serve and promote the cause of Fairtrade in and around Luton. It has been a joy working with you. Stay blessed, healthy and active as ever!

For and on behalf of the Luton Fairtrade Steering Group, GRASSROOTS & Luton Council of Faiths

AuthorGrassroots Luton