Following a highly provocative so called 'Christian Patrol' by Britain First in Bury Park (in Luton) on Saturday 23rd January 2016, Christian leaders from Luton led the way in condemning their actions and stood in solidarity with members of the wider community.  

On Sunday 24th January, the very next day, a message of peace was spread throughout the community, once again declaring that Britain First are not welcome in Luton and committing to standing alongside Luton's communities as friends, neighbours and fellow Lutonians. In the week that followed, Britain First were denounced by every major Christian denomination in the UK. 

One key outcome of this week was the development of a set of tips for Dealing with Far Right and Extremist groups, a set of dos and dont's compiled by a number of community partners in Luton. This can be downloaded here

AuthorGrassroots Luton